IM SO GLAD YOU STOPPED BY! If you are looking for a project to participate and have fun in, you've come to the right place! My current projects are below. To participate in any of them, send pics or videos to my email: netboard.ideas@gmail.com using the hashtag topic as the subject :) I look forward to your contributions!

Virtual Travel: We all have friends on Facebook that we don't know personally, but we do know they don't live where we live, so I want to see what they see. I would like this board to be videos and/or pictures of places, events, festivals, etc. Pretend for a moment that no one has ever been where you live. what would you want them to see? When submitting these, please include the city and state or city and country. if it's a festival, monument or landmark, share a little background on it

Back of the Book: this board is to help book collectors catalog their books electronically using phone apps. All you have to do is scan a barcode and it adds it to your collection. So what do I need from you? the UPC from the back of every book you own (as you have time to send it) CLEAR UPCs ONLY. This makes cataloging so much easier!


Recipes: Do you have a recipe that you wanna share? any kind of recipe will do! main dishes, appetizers and even drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic! Please share!!!


Body Modifications: self-explanatory - pictures of tattoos and any other body modifications you come across (even your own will do) especially your POWER tattoos! These are the tattoos you get to give power to a battle scar (no matter the battle) to reduce negativity from its original intention


Ok. this is it for now, but I come up with new boards ALL the time!!! If there is a board you would like to see, by all means, let me know

Thank you all for reading such a long post, but I enjoy this site and I want it to be fun for everyone and full of content that caters to every one of my friends and their friends or the even the complete stranger who just happens to stumble upon it! :) ENJOY!